Professional Hair Scissors (Golden Shade) - (ELITE - UBD)


6" Professional Hair Scissors (Golden Shade) - (ELITE - UBD)

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Precise and Fine Cut – Golden shade Professional Aichi scissors are sharpened by old masters, experts in scissors ‘sharpening and checking. Consequently, the blades of this hair shears are extremely sharp.     Read More

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Bullet Points

✂️ Aichi scissors are sharpened by old masters, who are experts at sharpening and checking scissors. Due to their extreme sharpness, these hair shears provide very precise, fast, and fine cuts regardless of the quantity or type of hair.

✂️ 440C Steel & Ultra Quality - The steel quality and the fine craftsmanship are the main factors for the hardness, sharpness, and sharpness resistance, and also the shiny and professional look of the hair scissors

 ✂️ 440C stainless steel is the highest quality pure metal in the stainless alloys, with the greatest level of hardness, resistance, and wear resistance.

✂️ Extremely Durable & Multipurpose - Aichi hair-cutting scissors are perfect both for amateurs and professionals, the blades of these hair scissors maintain their sharpness for a long time regardless of the number of uses

✂️ Versatile- they are simple to use and they cut very fine any type of hair – capillary or beard, for adults, old people, or children.

✂️ Comfortable & Smooth Motion - The offset with an ergonomic handle of this hair shears professional is designed to perfectly fit the hand, so the cut is more precise and the comfort is increased.

✂️ Special Blades-The sword blades (inactive) and convex (active) are professionally made, which is why the motion and the adjustment of these haircut scissors are very fine, with long-lasting resistance and reduced sound to motion.

✂️ The Aichi Scissors are Satisfaction Guaranteed | 14 Day Free Returns. We always provide you with the best products and the best service, we will provide you with a lifetime warranty and Easy-touch services, For any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Material: Forged Japanese Steel: The best 440c Japanese Cobalt blade steel in the world

Blades: sword blades (inactive) convex (active)

Handle: offset with an ergonomic handle

Special Features: Thumbscrew tension with bearing, total control with effortless all-around cutting.


◧ Cloth

◧ Pen Oil

★★★★★ 5/5 (2 Reviews)
★★★★★ 12-May-2021 05:36 PM

I like. They are very sharp.

★★★★★ 11-Nov-2021 05:35 PM

They are perfect


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