How to Choose the Best Professional Hair Cutting Shears?

How to Choose the Best Professional Hair Cutting Shears?

It is really difficult to figure out which pair of scissors is a good deal when so many brands and models use various names and steel types.

Low-quality scissors are made from inexpensive steel that will not hone to a fine edge like a better grade of steel will. This affects the sharpness of the scissor blades, how well they hold an edge and the smoothness of the blade action. You want sharpness so that you won’t bend the hair while cutting and to reduce the fatigue in your hands, arms and shoulders.

All scissors are made from stainless steel, but the best steel for hairdressing scissors is from Japan.

The Japanese steel used for scissors gives sharper edges, requires sharpening less often, and has a lighter balance that makes for perfect ergonomics.

Aichishears specializes in making some of the best hair-cutting scissors in the world. Aichishears provides the most popular Japanese steel for scissors 440C, VG10 (VG-10), and VG1 (VG-1).

The different types of scissor steel will determine:

  • How sharp your blade is
  • How easy it is to sharpen
  • Rust and corrosion resistance
  • How fragile and brittle the blade is
  • How light are the scissors are
  • How many years your scissors will last

Aichishears offers the best scissor you can rest assured these scissors will be reliable and durable enough to last many years ahead. Shop Now!

Published on Nov 08, 2022

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