What are the best Japanese hair shears?

What are the best Japanese hair shears?

Hair shears featuring Japanese steel blades are considered to be some of the best equipment available for stylists today.

For the past few decades, Japan has enjoyed a reputation for manufacturing goods that are high tech, durable and sophisticated. With Japanese materials and goods, you know what you’ll get. There’s no sloppy work using second-grade products. Nope, the Japanese have a reputation to uphold. They take great pride in turning the finest raw materials into high-performing products. Aichishears specializes in making some of the best hair cutting scissors in the world.

It also prevents them from breaking where the blade meets the handles, which is often a problem when using cast forged or drop forged shears. Because they are hand crafted, they are a bit more expensive than other shears, but if you spread the cost over the number of years you will be able to use the shears, our scissors are actually a lower annual price.

Today, professional scissors are made out of high-grade quality steel, which is graded in multiple ways.

Japanese stainless steel is known for:

·        Corrosion-resistant

·        Easy to handle

·        Lighter than most types of stainless steel

·        Keeping a razor-sharp edge longer

·        Being more damage resistant and tougher

·        Being the best hair cutting shears in the world by reputation

You can choose from a variety of styles, including thinning shears, ergonomic shears, texturizers and even colored and go to style scissors. Shop Now!

Published on Oct 10, 2022

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